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    this has to be the worst airline I’ve seen ever seen. I wanted to stay on my trip longer so I emailed sun country to see what it would cost to move my flight out one week. all other business I emailed to do the same replied in less than 10 hours. sun country took 4 days, and said they refuse to give prices on the computer and if I want customer service I need to call. well I am in a country where there are hardly any phones. what damn company these days does not operate by computer? It took another 3 days to find a phone and then there was a 35 minute hold time the first day then a 45 minute hold time the 2nd day. Nice way to treat Americans this is a rotten company worthless cannot even stay longer. I have to post this on the web to warn other americans who have families so if they have trouble they realize there dealing with a company that does not operate on computers.If there in a country with no phones and have trouble with sun country airline they will be trapped! this is a horrible way to treat people from america. suncountry shame on you

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    I was charged twice for an upgrade on my flight from Anchorage to MSP on July 23.. what number do I call to speak to a representative that can help me.

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