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  1. 2.0

    I can not reach customer service. I do not have line in my magic jack.

  2. 3.0

    I want to renew my service … like the cheap service…. customer for 8 yrs.,but there are always noises on the phone or calls intercepted

  3. 3.0

    I want to renew my service, but your customer svc number is not working….Please help?????

  4. 2.0

    my magic jack is not work . device name magicjack go
    iam in egypt right now cairo.
    please help me .

  5. 3.0

    I want my money back the first-time home page it says tell u name of the person who owns the phone email address and home address for 7 days done started I am now charged for bull shit but I still don’t know who this is is or where they live and I honestly think that there’s a lot more than just what you said you were having ready for the person who is purchased from this site then try to suck them off well if u don’t only charge me a 1time few of 1 dollar and I cancel my membership in less then 7 days we good u continue to use any and everything against me to the other has to pay for shit because of the WAY the person who is purchased from this site reAd it 7 days Dollar. Then u can get over here somehow and get on your knees and I honestly WILL HAVE to get started i do feel like makeing u chock on my Dick and I am going to have to reschedule for the most part I have to get something good going for u to Smile about what I am getting into I got 8 inches of long hard dick and it seems like your always give up on me and taken my money come and TAKE this Dick and I honestly want a refund for the way it is done.after a refund I like more info about magic Jack

  6. 3.0

    Thank God it’s Friday. 43days wasting my time to get a link to magic app. and you want a rating? Technology has a long way to go before reciprocal s can reach the level attained. Low standards are quite common, beautiful part is the miniscule effort needed to make that relatively gigantic first step.

  7. 3.0

    This bests Valentine’s Day. Magic App. Downloaded 26/Dec, and hooray hooray on the morning of 17/Feb., up comes a message indicating that the e-mail address is not one recognised. Grateful no end to the truck driver/operator, for getting there when he did. Pity the intake pipes of the higher bore on the sanitation vehicle were not utilised first try.

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