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    If i could give 0 stars I would..I temporarily changed my plan over to the daily plan for 3 days because at that time I didn’t have enough money to pay my bill. So on the 4th day when I had the full amount to pay my bill ($50) I switched it back to my initial monthly plan for $50 a month..unlimited talk & text..yet 15 days later my phone is turned off & somehow the representatives are telling me on their records it is not reflecting my plan switch in which I know for a fact I changed. I am soo beyond frustrated with this company & their unprofessional manner that my issue was handled. Its obvious if 1 day I’m paying $3 for a daily plan then the next day I pay $50 it is for the monthly plan..STOP RIPPING PEOPLE OFF..STOP BOOSTING FROM PEOPLE’s HARD EARNED MONEY…BOOST MOBILE!!! What a JOKE!! 2 thumbs down 👎👎

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    Hello there! Quick question I am looking for Boost Mobile Customer service number for 24 hrs in USA. I have some questions about boost Phone Bills.

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    I am a long time customer. I recently upgraded to family plan back in October previous I had a single line and was give five months of $20.00 credits however the supervisor that assisted me with changing my account to a family plan stated my credits would remain coming to my account as long as I removed my debit card I stated won’t tht remove my $5 credit for having enrolled in auto pay not to worry we will credit that back to you. In dec I removed one line of service got credit amount on boost account asked to have credits put back on my debit card the rep and supervisor refused to do so telling me I had to file a dispute with my card company per boost mobile company policy. I did as I was told I filed the dispute. On Jan 15 my service began to have issues I called in and they reset my account gave me a $20 credit and free month from 1/15/17-2/15/17 on Jan 18 my service was disconnected due to the charge back boost supposedly sent my card company. However still to this date I have not neither has my bank received the 52.60 charge back and I had to pay 60.16 to restore my service because of the reps lieing to me!!! I am highly disappointed in boost mobile! I have been through hell with you guys!! I want my money and to be compensated for all this mess your reps have caused else I’m going to seek legal action against boost and Sprint!!!

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