Officially known as Utqiaġvik, the traditional Inupiat name of Barrow is the northernmost town of the United States, located 330 miles north of the Arctic Circle. In Barrow, the sun sets on Nov 18th or 19th and it doesn’t rise again for 65 days. There are archaeological sites that depict livid Nalukataq life dating as far back as 500 AD.

Point Barrow is the at the tippy-top of Alaska and the northernmost roadside attraction of the world. A trip to Barrow is full of fascinating attractions such as the Whale Bone Arches, stunning Arctic Ocean view and the Iñupiat Heritage Center.

The Nalukataq traditional Spring whaling festival is held in the summer solstice month of June. The popular festival is planned around whale hunt which is a chance for the Inupiaq Eskimos to say thanks to a successful hunting season.

Spend time at Freshwater Lake to get a glimpse of the rich avian gathering and to see some of the most exotic animal and mammal species. Head to Pigniq Station to see seals and walrus in the summer and perhaps watch polar bears from a distance and watch turquoise ice float gracefully in the pristine sea.

Airports serving Barrow from the US

  •    Los Angeles, CA (Santa Monica, Long Beach, and Bob Hope airport)
  •    New York, NY (JFK intnl airport, NYC airport)
  •    Chicago (CHI, ORD-O’Hare intnl airport)
  •    San Francisco (SFO intnl airport)
  •    Orlando (ORL airport)

All routes from the US have 2-3 stops before they connect to the main airport of Wiley Post–Will Rogers Memorial Airport – BRW which is located in the main city in the North Slope Barrow, Alaska. The airport is named after American humorist Will Rogers and aviator Wiley Post, both of whom died about 14 km away at Point Barrow in a 1935 plane crash.

Transportation in Barrow

Getting to Barrow is the most expensive part of the tour. It is inaccessible by land and the only option for getting to Barrow is by plane. Alaska Airlines is included in most of the tour packages and runs flights from Fairbanks and Anchorage. Some others use charter flight companies such as Era Alaska or Arctic Air.

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